Edging keeps grass from flowing into your mulch and mulch from flowing into your cobble. To keep the lines around your lawn and landscape clean, you can count on Cape Cod Lawn Care to install landscape edging. Let’s talk about the various landscape edging materials the we use, as well as the benefits of professionally installed edging.

Edging Materials

Edging comes in a variety of materials. We can install hardscape edging, including pavers, brick, and stone. We also install hard plastic tubing and fencing throughout our landscapes. As both your landscape designers and builders, we can take a look at your current landscape, assess the design of your landscape, and offer up some insight to the perfect edging material for your property. We’ll strive to select a material that matches the look of your home and the rest of your landscape.

The Benefits of Landscape Edging

Edging simply makes a landscape look cleaner. It’s nice to have a dividing line between planters and lawn, and between stone and mulch. Edging also keeps these landscaping elements separated. Grass won’t crop in your mulch with properly installed edging. Edging is also beneficial for mowing, since it’s easier to run a mower and trimmer along that edging.

Edging From Cape Cod Lawn Care

For clean lines, and a well-maintained landscape look, count on Cape Cod Lawn Care. Alongside our edging installation services, we provide a vast variety of landscaping services for folks throughout Cape Cod, including residents of Bourne, Mashpee, Falmouth, and Orleans. Learn more about our full list of landscaping services, and get started with a free estimate for your upcoming landscaping project today!