Here at Cape Cod Lawn Care, we aren’t just lawn care experts, we’re landscaping professionals. We provide a variety of landscaping services, including our decorative and retaining wall building services. So whether you need to build terraces to hold back earth on your property, or you’d simply like to break up the terrain with a few brick walls, we’re the company to call. We also provide all other hardscaping services, which means that we can build patios, walkways, and more, in addition to your walls.

Decorative Walls

When we build any wall, we strive to make it picturesque. For your landscape, that might mean a beautifully curved stone wall. Or perhaps it’s a perfectly geometric brick wall. Regardless of the shape and design, we do our utmost to make your decorative walls blend perfectly with the rest of the landscape, as well as your home. If, for instance, you have a brick home, you may opt to continue the theme with brick walls which work their way around your property. Or, perhaps, you have a wall with wood shake siding—stone walls make look more natural to match your abode. Regardless of your choices, we’ll work with you throughout the process to match your demands and exceed your desires.

Beginning with the design, we’ll talk to you to learn your vision. Then we’ll work on determining the shape and materials of your walls. We can provide advice if you’re not sure where to get started. Then, once we’ve honed in on the perfect design for your property, we’ll get started.

Take note, if you’re planning on building decorative walls alongside planters, we can install your planters as well. We’ll add fill dirt, top soil, irrigation, the flora you desire, ground cover, and voila, you’ll have the complete look. We can utilize stone, masonry, landscaping bricks, timbers, and other materials to build your decorative walls, planters, and any other hardscaping throughout your landscape.

Retaining Walls

We also build walls that are elegant as well as functional. If you have terrain that undulates and slopes, or if your landscape is constantly eroding, building in retaining will can help. We know how to properly install retaining walls to ensure that the weight behind the wall won’t reduce the integrity of the wall.

It’s crucial to install retaining walls properly to ensure that they don’t collapse as weight presses against them. That’s especially true for taller walls, staggered walls, walls that hold rock, and walls that may be prone to collecting water. Fortunately, we’ve been around the block, so we know how to build walls that can stand the tests of time and gravity. We’ll ensure that your walls are properly sloped and reinforced to keep them standing for decades and decades.

Once again, we can utilize stone, masonry, landscaping bricks, timbers, and other building materials to build your retaining walls, and we’ll select a material that’s appropriate for your application.

The Cape Cod Lawn Care Difference

Here at Cape Cod Lawn Care, we strive to build and maintain the best landscapes on Cape Cod. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a dirt lot, or if you’re simply looking for recurring lawn care, we can help. We do it all, and that’s why we’re Cape Cod’s most trusted landscaping company. We bring over a decade of experience to the table; that means superior services, more efficient projects, and a landscape that’s sure to turn heads.

We provide landscaping services from Bourne and Mashpee to Falmouth and Orleans. Learn more about our company, and if you’re ready to get started, get a free estimate today!