When it comes to the health of your lawn and landscape, irrigation counts. You’ll need the right amount of water and proper coverage to ensure that every plant and every blade of grass receives the water that’s so essential to thrive. Here at Cape Cod Lawn Care, that’s our goal. We strive to make your landscape thrive. That’s why we provide irrigation installation and repair services, among our other landscaping services. Let’s delve a bit deeper into our irrigation installation and repair services.

Irrigating Your Lawn

We can build irrigation for your lawn from scratch. We’ll start by drafting up a design that is sure to provide coverage to every blade of grass throughout your yard. It’s also important to determine how many watering zones are necessary to build (in order to keep sprinklers pressurized, sprinkler zones must be built. Then, we’ll build a manifold to accommodate the desired sprinkler zones. The manifold routes water to each zone, and it makes it possible to program watering cycles into a sprinkler system controller.

Once we’ve established the zones for your irrigation, and we’ve built a manifold, it’s time to place pipe throughout your yard. We’ll dig trenches throughout the landscape, place and attach pipes, and install sprinkler heads. Then, we’ll backfill the trenches, and voila, you’re lawn is irrigated.

Irrigating Your Plants & Trees

Irrigating plants and trees is a similar process to lawn irrigation. Once again, we’ll install a manifold to build out different watering zones. Then, depending on the plants and trees at hand, we may install a sprinkler system and/or a drip system to water your plants. Drip systems conserve a bit more water, and it’s easier to control the amount of water utilized on a watering cycle. Sprinkler systems provide a bit more coverage, and they’re ideal for flower beds.

Unlike the trenched irrigation in your lawn, we may opt to install pipes at the current grade of the ground, and then cover the irrigation pipes with rock, mulch, or other landscaping material.

Irrigation Repair

Now, we can also repair any broken irrigation or replace any outdated system. If you notice that you have pooling or erosion in your landscape, we’ll find the source of the problem and fix your irrigation—in this instance, it’s likely that your current irrigation is leaking. You may also have a broken sprinkler head or two throughout your landscape. We can disassemble your old sprinkler and install a new sprinkler head to get your irrigation back up to running order.

Count on Cape Cod Lawn Care

Here at Cape Cod Lawn Care, we pride ourselves in providing premier landscaping services, including irrigation services, for folks throughout Bourne, Mashpee, Falmouth, and Orleans. We bring over a decade of experience to the table, so it’s no wonder why our landscapes are picturesque. Count on us for any and all of our landscaping services, and get a free estimate for your project today!