Mulch doesn’t just look good throughout your landscape, it helps plants and trees to grow while keeping weeds at bay. But mulch doesn’t last forever. Wind can blow mulch away, and rain eventually depletes mulch of its nutrients, coloring, and protective properties. If your landscape’s mulch is flat, full of weeds, and colorless, it’s time to add a fresh layer. So let’s talk mulch. What does it do and when should you add more mulch?

What Does Mulch Do?

Mulch fertilizes and protects plants, and it looks great. Since mulch is most often made of wood chips and shredded bark, it is full of nutrients. These nutrients are slowly released into the soil beneath the mulch, where they can be absorbed by nearby plants. Mulch also protects plants, especially young, low-to-the-ground plants that have just been planted. Mulch keeps the soil at a more stable temperature, which can protect the root structure of plants against cold and snow.

When Should You Add More Mulch?

Mulch should be full of color, which speaks to the amount of nutrients available in the mulch. If you have mulch that is grey and sunbleached, it’s time to add a fresh layer. Also, you should consider adding mulch around trees and plants that have just been planted, and you should ensure that you have enough mulch on the soil before the colder months of the year. If you have weeds popping up through your mulch, you may need another layer of mulch, or you may need to remove the existing mulch in order to place weed barrier; then mulch can be added once again.

Cape Cod Lawn Care’s Mulching Services

When your mulch is lackluster, you can count on our team of landscapers here at Cape Cod Lawn Care. It’s our goal to make your landscape picturesque. We provide landscaping services for folks throughout Bourne, Mashpee, Falmouth, and Orleans.