Here at Cape Cod Lawn Care, we don’t just provide yard maintenance services. We offer a slew of landscaping services, including ornamental pruning. If you have trees or shrubs with full foliage, it’s likely that we can shape your plants—we won’t cut any plants if it will damage your plants.

Pruning With Care

Ornamental pruning requires care. We want to ensure that your plants aren’t just looking their best, but they’re also thriving. That’s why we consider the health of your plants, as well as their aesthetic. Let’s dig little deeper into our priorities when we approach an ornamental pruning job…

We consider the Health of Your Flora

First things first, it’s important to assess the health of your bushes and trees prior to pruning. If done indelicately, pruning can damage your plants. Fortunately, we know which plants can be pruned, how to prune them, and how much of the plant can be trimmed to keep your plants healthy. It’s also important to plan ahead when pruning your plants. While shaping your shrubs and trees, we’ll assess which branches are integral to the health of your plant, which branches need to go, and which branches will be necessary to shape your plant in the future.

The Aesthetics of Your Bushes & Trees

Ornamental pruning is an art, and it’s an art that we take seriously here at Cape Cod Lawn Care. We want your landscape to be a true work of art. A picturesque oasis. The talk of the town. We can work with you to determine the shapes that you’d like to see in your landscape, and we strive to integrate the aesthetics of your pruned plants with the rest of your property. Pruning doesn’t just impress guests, it can improve the value of your home, which makes ornamental pruning an excellent idea for homeowners who are preparing their home for market.

Other Benefits of Pruning

Proper pruning can actually aid the health of your plants. When you prune dead limbs and nonessential parts of the live limbs, the whole of the plant thrives. All of the remaining branches receive more water and nourishment from the soil, which aids the health of the plant and causes new growth. Pruning also ensures that other plants receive adequate sunlight to grow.

The Cape Cod Lawn Care Difference

Here at Cape Cod Lawn Care, we pride ourselves in building and maintaining the best landscapes you can find here on Cape Cod. We bring over a decade of experience to the table. That means that we have the know-how and the skills to tend to your landscape the right way. Plus, we don’t just provide ornamental pruning services—we do it all. Count on us for any and all of our landscaping services. From stump grinding to bed edging, and from mowing to irrigation installation, we provide all of the landscaping care that you could need. View our full list of landscaping services.