Structural pruning ensures that your tree grows properly. Without structural pruning, your tree may grow competing lead branches, which may affect the health of the tree, the balance of the tree, or it may simply cause growth that is inconvenient or unattractive. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy for us to prune to aid the structure of your trees. Here’s what we’ll do for your trees, and why structural pruning is so beneficial.

How We Perform Structural Pruning

To start, we’ll assess the current structure of your tree. We’ll look for a dominant leader branch which stems directly from the trunk. For most trees, we’ll only leave one or two dominant lead branches which will fill the canopy of the tree. Next, we’ll assess which branches compete with these branches, hindering their growth. It’s our goal to reduce branches that our low to the ground, and to cut branches that may harm the growth of the tree. We can also prune branches that are growing in the wrong direction (perhaps toward your home). Once we’ve established the our target branches, it’s time to get to cutting.

The Benefits of Structural Pruning

Structural pruning can aid the health of a tree, it can prevent damage to your property, and it can improve the aesthetic of your property as well as views from your home.

Trees actually thrive when they are regularly pruned, since individual branches receive more nutrients from the root structure of the tree after a pruning.

We’ve all seen trees that have fallen on homes. Large tree branches can even collapse roofs. If you have a tree that’s projecting over your home, we’d better give it a trim.

If you have obstructed views, or your tree’s simply creating too much shade for your liking, then structural pruning is the solution.

We recommend having your trees pruned in the late winter or spring.

Get Structural Tree Pruning Today

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