These terms and conditions are designed to provide you information on the services we provide and outline important conditions which apply to your use of this service.

Terms & Conditions

  • On Demand Mowing includes mowing, string trimming of all areas, and blowing of grass clippings off all sidewalks and driveways. No other services are included.
  • Once your order is placed, your lawn will be serviced within 3 days of order date or within 3 days of a future date you specify (excluding Sundays and days when it rains enough to prohibit mowing). On rare occasions, due to circumstances beyond our control, we may not make it to your lawn within 3 days. However, you will be notified on or before the third day. We do not offer discounts or free service if this occurs. Please be sure to read our Refund Policy.
  • If you have chosen the wrong lot size in your order, we will still service your lawn. However, we will then either charge you or credit you back the applicable amount. The additional charge/credit can only be equal to the amount that brings your total payment equal to the price for your actual lot size according to our current pricing table. You will be notified prior to any such transaction.
  • Cape Cod Lawn Care is not responsible for damage to items left in your lawn. Garden hoses, toys, dog chains, etc are difficult to see in tall grass. Be sure all items are removed prior to our arrival.
  • After heavy rains, our crews will avoid areas in your lawn that contain standing water. Occasionally, heavy rains may also result in our mowers leaving “mud tracks” in areas where your lawn is very saturated. Although unattractive, these tracks do not harm or damage your lawn. The tracks will simply disappear after the next mowing or the next rain. Our crews are trained to prevent these tracks as much as possible.
  • Our mowing crews do not collect grass clippings. Our mowers evenly disperse grass clippings back into your lawn. If clumping occurs due to tall, wet grass, our crews will mow and blow the clumps out to ensure we leave your lawn looking attractive and professionally maintained.


On Demand Mowing is available to anyone from Bourne to Orleans who has a lawn that needs mowing. However, certain restrictions may apply. There are certain circumstances such as ground conditions, accessibility issues, grass height and/or other issues that may prohibit your use of On Demand Mowing. Our service is designed to serve customers who have properly maintained their lawn on a regular basis. Here are some specific examples of circumstances that prohibit the use of On Demand Mowing:

  • Your lawn is “out of control” If your lawn has been neglected for a long period of time, it is likely to have become overgrown. When measured with a ruler, if your lawn exceeds 7 inches, it is considered “out of control” and On Demand Mowing will not service it.
  • Your lawn has an excessive amount of debris or other hazards Debris/hazards include rocks (loose or partially buried), sticks, tree limbs, garbage, holes, or other items that would prevent our crew from efficiently and safely mowing your lawn. If ordering, be sure all such items are removed from your lawn prior to our arrival.
  • Your fence gate is not at least 32″ wide If you have a fence, your gate must be at least 32″ wide. Most standard gates are at least 32″ wide. Additionally, access through the gate area must not be obstructed by steps, shrubs, decks, and/or landscaping. We must be able to maneuver a 32″ wide commercial lawn mower through the gate to the lawn without difficulty. Be sure all locked gates are unlocked prior to our arrival.
  • Your lot largely consists of excessively steep hills If you cannot safely mow your hills with a lawn mower, then neither can we. If you would like us to avoid hilly areas, be sure to indicate that on the “special instructions” section of the order form. If you have just a small, steep hill, we can string trim that area for no additional charge. Please call if you need clarification prior to ordering.

Refund Policy for Orders with Restrictions

If you order On Demand Mowing and your lot consists of one or more of the above restrictions, Cape Cod Lawn Care will not service your lawn. You will be notified and you will receive a refund of your total payment LESS an inconvenience fee of $25.00. The inconvenience fee is for our time and travel expenses to your property. Please see our Refund Policy for additional details.

Proceeding to use the website will indicate your acceptance of the preceding terms, conditions, and restrictions. If you wish to use any services produced online now or in the future, you are also subject to the applicable terms. We reserve the right to change the website and these terms, conditions, and restrictions from time to time without notice to you, and your continued use the website indicates your continued acceptance of the terms, conditions, and restrictions as modified.