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Your trees and shrubs are a major investment. One that adds to the overall aesthetics of your landscape. Did you know that in order for your trees and shrubs to grow, it takes much more than good soil and a little water? Whether newly planted or years old, it takes time and knowledge to ensure they are cared for properly.  Caring to your trees and shrubs, Cape Cod Lawn Care offers our services to ensure that your landscape needs are taken care of in the proper manner.

While trimming, fertilizing, and caring for your trees may not seem like an unmanageable task, many people do not know the proper way to do so, harming their plants instead of helping them flourish. As Cape Cod’s best, we take pride in our years of experience and industry knowledge. Having seen and done it all, nothing comes as a surprise to us. We will gladly take on your project and you will see why so many put their tree care needs in our hands.

Whether it’s pruning or fertilizing, taking care of your trees is our passion.

Putting your needs first, our only mission is to provide you with services that enhance your landscape and ensure your trees and shrubs are in the best shape possible. Because trees are a vital piece of your property, and we care about meeting your needs, all of our programs are designed with your budget and satisfaction in mind. No matter how many trees you have, it is our goal to ensure that they enhance your landscape for the long-lasting beauty that you desire. For a list of our tree care programs, contact us today and let us help you take care of what matters.