Trees shouldn’t have dead or dying limbs. It’s not just an eyesore for your property, it can be downright dangerous to passersby. Fortunately, tree limbing is a relatively easy procedure, and it’s one of our specialties here at Cape Cod Lawn Care, your Cape Cod source for landscaping services. Count on us to lop off any dead, dying, invasive, or inconvenient tree limbs that are on your property.

How to Tell if a Limb Is Dead or Dying

Most of the time, when you have an unhealthy tree limb, you can tell right away. The tree limb may be discolored, it may loose bark, and it may not grow any leaves (or it may shed its leaves too soon). If you’re uncertain whether or not your tree’s limbs are on their last leg (pardon the pun), then have us over to take a look. We’re tree care experts; we’ll let you know if you have a tree limb that’s too unhealthy to save.

Reasons Tree Limbs Die

Tree limbs can die if they don’t receive enough water, nutrients, or sunlight. They can also be damaged in storms (by lightning, high winds, or the weight of snow). Pests and fungus can also attach tree limbs. In addition, tree limbs can simply wither over time.

Other Reasons to Prune Your Tree

Now, you may need to prune your tree limbs for other reasons. If, for instance, you have a big maple that’s obstructing the view from your patio, we can clean up some of the limbs so that you can regain that picturesque view of your landscape. You may also have a tree that’s growing into power lines on your property. Once again, we can help. We’ll take caution as we trim off obstructive limbs, in order to ensure that your property and tree are safe. We also recommend that folks trim tree limbs that are over their homes. These limbs are susceptible to break or sway in high-wind conditions, and that can damage your roof or other parts of your property.

Count on Cape Cod Lawn Care

When you have bad tree limbs that stick out like a sore thumb, we’re here to help. As tree care experts and landscaping specialists, we’re the first folks people call here on Cape Cod. We provide a variety of premier landscaping services for folks throughout Bourne, Mashpee, Falmouth, and Orleans. If you’re ready to get started, go ahead and get a free estimate!