A Bit About Our Tree Removal Services

Trees are one of the most aesthetically pleasing features in a landscape. Although beautiful, there may come a time when you must remove them. Whether your tree is sick or dying, when they become a hazard to you, your family, and your property, it is important that you know who you can count on to help.

Let us be the tree care experts you trust

Removing trees should never be something you try to do on your own. Due to their sheer size, removing trees can be quite dangerous if you do not have the proper equipment, resources, and knowledge to do so. Backed by many years of experience, it is our goal to make your tree removal process as simple and straightforward as possible. Providing quality removal at an affordable price, we put your needs first, ensuring that your property is protected, and your landscape looks it best at all times.

Knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to your trees can be tricky. While they may look healthy and thriving, that may not always be the case. When you work with Cape Cod Lawn Care, we can inspect your trees for signs of rot and other conditions, suggesting their removal for your safety. If you have been thinking about removing a tree for a while and have not gotten around to having its health checked, Cape Cod Lawn Care is your team of landscape professionals who can advise you with what is best.

For your tree inspection, or to talk with one of our experienced arborists, get in touch with us today.